Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese, Euro and US FEDs Go Green for St. Patrick's Day, Quadruple Witching Ends Tomorrow

3/17/2011 Portland, Oregon – Pop in your mints…

Quadruple Witching is upon the markets.  For those of you who are wondering, Quadruple witching is a market term for the third Friday in the months of March, June, September, and December when stock market index futures, stock market index options, stock futures, and stock options all expire on the same day.  In other words, everyone must either take their medicine or look for an escape hatch from undesirable market positions.

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This quadruple witching phenomenon is set to occur tomorrow which may be one reason that the US and Euro FEDs are printing money like there is no tomorrow.  The only refuge from this monetary disaster are to hold wealth in silver and/or gold coins and possibly real estate.  
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Meanwhile, events continue to spiral out of control in northeastern Japan.  Things are spiraling out of control in the Middle East as well, but what normally would be front page news simply pales in comparison to the havoc that nature has wrought on the Land of the Rising Sun.  While tens of thousands wait anxiously in freezing temperatures as water and heating fuel run low, the world sits on edge waiting for confirmation that there has been a meltdown at the Daiichi nuclear plant.

In the face of such an obvious humanitarian crisis, one that will mark a turning point for Japan and possibly the world, the Japanese, American, and Euro FEDs are unleashing a virtual Tsunami of cash into the world wide financial system.  This system is broken beyond repair.  It has been broken by the same FEDs who purport to save it from certain catastrophe.  

Like the devil who has been unleashed to roam the earth before he is thrown into the lake of fire for eternity, the FEDs are no longer making use of deception in their counterfeiting operation.  The US Government is broke, half of the European Governments are broke, and the Japanese Government's balance sheet is not to be believed.  They can no longer "bail each other out" as has been the case ever since WWII.

At this point all of the money shoveled into the self destructing financial system is being vaporized almost immediately by the black hole of debt that the FEDs are trying to fill.  This game was innocent enough while it was only the banks and financial companies getting shellacked.  Now that this funny money is baking its way into food and energy prices, it is literally a problem for everybody on the planet.

The good news is that the economy appears to be picking up.  As long as people have needs, there will be people working to fulfill those needs.  The people with the needs will work to fulfill others needs to be able to pay for the fulfillment of their own needs.  This is how a natural, organic, healthy economy works.  Once the Government and Banking cartel begin to interfere, you can see how things could quickly go wrong.  Yet for some amazing reason, the Government and Banking cartel are believed to be essential to the healthy working of the economy.

They are not, and the sooner the world wakes up to this fact, the better.

Stay Fresh!
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Key Indicators for Thursday, March 17th, 2011

*See FED Perceived Economic Effect Rate Chart at bottom of blog.  This rate is the FED Target rate with a 39 month lag, representing the time it takes for the FED Target rate changes to affect the real economy.  This is a 39 months head start that the FED member banks have on the rest of us on using the new money that is created.